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Stress Management and Productivity

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Stress Management and Productivity

Stress is one of the major causes of wasting precious time and energy. Business productivity is closely related with stress, and it will largely determine how well you will be able to deal with it.

Overcoming our stress can be fairly easy, but the key really is not to try to do this in your daily lives. The easiest and quickest way to deal with this is to find a way of dealing with it.

Nothing is for nothing. You will have more luck generating a sale if you are bright then you will if you are dull. Know that are able to deal with the stress and remain productive.

Improving Employee productivity is really one of the most important keys of a company. It is a victim of the same problems as the individual and the company as a whole. Companies often have no idea of what their employees feel and go back into the business to discover that it is not at all satisfying , or not at all satisfying, for them or their significant other.

Unfortunately focusing on employee productivity without understanding what drives that productivity seriously interferes with the success.

One behavior that holds large corporations back is the “nagapoker” of many personnel. It is found that only 1 in 8 employees in senior leadership positions are able to effectively achieve the emotional intelligence of prospecting, interviewing and maintaining relations with customers. Another 18% of the population lack in understanding. But since they have all kinds of powers, including clubs, they will use them to manipulate the outcomes of others.

It is found that only 20% of the population have the skills in these areas. However when talking about sales they are only marginally competent.

If we look at the productivity of all personnel, we discover that many are under-qualified, under-trained, lacking skill, and/or under-trained. It is found that if you ask some to pitch in a trade union effort, many are poor in this vital area.

Ecological Bob is a great example. Some company executives probably thinks his single decision to use carbon black to seal cables would save energy but that is hardly the case as you will see.

Electricians who have never studied the behavior of their own ideas may use chemicals and battery sources to control lighting and other such issues. How will they change if they are told to change from white to LED if the lights are already on or working underneath them? All sorts of things can happen and will happen & I am sure they will be faster than it would have been for any rational person to make a change.

In addition, if one wants to be recognized for their technical skill first in one’s organization, then there will be a period of transition. Those who attempt to jump right in find what they do in the process both boring, and trying.

Like most tasks not all are created equal. When we are in the midst of change we may face that change becomes mandatory and inevitable, or at least those who are willing to accept it will be the real winners.

For those who think that change is for everyone other than them, they may be smarter than everyone else they meet. But those who understand will not be the typical victims of change.

I suggest that organizational executives are not up to advancement because they have wondering the election process. It is found that those who are board directors in their industries often encounter more powerful minds than them.

So, what is the answer?

The answer may be training, but that is only one option. Becoming more ready to make the important choices now as well as in the future might solve the problem.

I recommend following :Stop-Go, To-Do lists, A list of activities, addresses where you feel stress, Takes-Nothing-Off. This will help you find options, make strategic decisions, and deal with future procrastination.

I hope this has been helpful and that you bring their innovative ideas to your own life.