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Poker Strategy – 7 Tips on How to Play Poker

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Poker Strategy - 7 Tips on How to Play Poker

Are you new to poker? If you are new to poker, then there are a few things you will need to get used to in order to play the game. These 7 poker strategy tips will help you get started and perhaps the game will be something that you can pursue after you graduate from college and start working an entry level job.

  1. Start by sitting out of the first few hands at a table you get to play at. You are gives invaluable experience by watching people play the first few hands. Watch some players just fold, or play monotonously. eventually, the hand you want to play will come up in the big blind or there will be a raise and you better be ready to play.
  2. Be patient. Winners are made over the long term. I know, that’s seems a little obvious, but most people play way too loose and are un prepare for the long term. You must be prepared to win badly, and when you do it’s well worth the effort.
  3. Here is a tip that most people either ignore or don’t grasp. You want to be able to afford to play every single hand you are in. Typically, most people play way too conservatively and that results in a lot of losses. The rate at which you make money is fairly consistent, but just remember to get all your money in with the best hand and play the majority of hands.
  4. Just remember to tighten up your starting hand requirements with each subsequent level of stakes. Nationally you’ll want to be playing within a 4-level buy-in when you are playing as a beginner. You cannot learn to LAG (Dewacasino) without knowing how to play AA, so keep that in mind as you move up.
  5. Never ever call a raise if you don’t have a good hand, especially on the flop. Especially on the flop, many poker players will bet to see if they have a hand. If you don’t have a good hand, always fold and wait for a better hand.
  6. Take raises seriously, but don’t automatically fold out.ourses such as string theory say that you should fold a hand like 72 offsuit in the right situation, and I agree.
  7. If you understand the concept of string theory, you will be able to pick the right spots to steal blinds from the cutoff and cut off. When you are being transported from one level to another, or you are so short-stacked that you can’t possibly win, being patient is a virtue. If you wait for a better hand, your stack will go faster that way.
  8. Never ever play one level above your defined limit unless you are the favorite. If you are not the favorite, you should wait for a better hand.
  9. Play really tight or really loose depending on your bankroll.
  10. In the beginning, wait until the blind to you to be in front of the blinds. Once there is a round of blinds, tempted to play? Don’t. Reconsider doing so, if it adds to your risk.

There are many more thoughts I could fit into this, but I want to get back to some basic poker skills that are often overlooked. Are you making these mistakes already, or are you just unaware of them. It’s not all my fault, there are tons of books and courses that can teach you these skills, but you have to be willing to look for them. It’s not difficult, it’s just sitting out and doing your own thing.

I know that as I am writing these tips, I am becoming aware of other things that I need to improve on, particularly with my bankroll. I’ll admit that it’s not very easy to admit that you aren’t makingunderspace for your bankroll, but it’s the reality of living and learning.

Just remember that the more you look for and research the more successful you will be. Keep searching and you will find shortcuts.