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How to Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called “Winning Systems”

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How to Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called "Winning Systems"

As a genuine blackjack player, when you play and use blackjack basic strategy card, you can have a much higher chance of winning than if you were to take some kind of card counting system based on the assumption that the higher the card number wins the more the player should bet. In basic strategy without 21 the player has around a 47.5% chance of winning compared to a 52.7% for insurance. Of course the insurance bet is only good, if the dealer has a negative card total.

Here I will use Cash One for example. The dealer is playing Jeff Mauskar. The color of his cards are red and there are 8 black to his 10 cards. Out of the 8 he has 2 tens, so his chances of having a a 20 are pretty high. So his best bet may be to bet $10 into the $2 bet. Here if his hand is a 20 and he gets black three times, he will have developed a 2 to 3 times more chance of beating the dealer.

In general, when you take some money out of the pot and place something else in, you’re giving away some of your profit. Effectively, you’re starting your hand 20% pre-flop, rather than 50% pre-flop with no money in the pot.

If you have no money in the pot, and your opponent has a higher card total than you, you should fold. Period. Even if you have some profit, if your calculations show that the pot odds you’re getting are better than the odds you’re giving away, you should fold. Not playing blackjack to follow the rules is a guaranteed way to lose, period. Folding in the face of a negative expectation is one of the greatest mistakes to make as a player.

A negative expectation calculation is when your actions will generate an overall net loss over the long term. This happens if the odds you’re getting from the pot are worse than the odds you’re giving away.

You can calculate your negative expectation from your pot odds. Simply take the amount of money in the pot and subtract. If you’re getting 5:1, then you have a 20% chance of winning. If you’re getting 9:1, then you only have a 5% chance. But if you’re getting 11:1 it is impossible to win.

Being able to place an even bet in Kartupoker basic payout will make you a winner in the long run. It may not be a guaranteed win, but you will be a winner nonetheless.

In the short run, you will have a lot of losing sessions. If you’re a losing player, you may have to reload your account on a bad day. But you have to remember that if the day is a lucky one, there will be a lot more lucky people at the table.

Blackjack is a game of swings. Sometimes you will be on top. Much like a boxer who gets knocked down, you will experience swings. You could go from winning to losing in a matter of a few hours. It is part of the game. If you can’t deal with this, then I recommend you quit before you go broke.

Now that I have provided you with some basic strategy, you need to know the rules for blackjack. If you know the game then you will be able to play blackjack successfully. If you know the rules then you will be able to compete with anyone around the world. Just remember that blackjack basic strategy is not enough to win a game. You also need to learn other blackjack strategies like hitting soft hands, surrendering, splitting and insurance.

  • Will I Play Blackjack for Real Money?

Blackjack games are simulated online so that you can play as if you were really there. You’ll even be able to interact with live dealers and other players at the table. That said, virtual Blackjack is also a lot boring so you should play for entertainment purposes only.

  • Will I Play Blackjack Online?

If you’re an Android user and you have access to the Google Play Store, then you’ll probably be happy to know that blackjack games are already available there. Furthermore, if you’re a Mac user then you might be interested in knowing that more online casinos are soon to be integrated with the Mac Play Market.

  • How do I become a better Blackjack player?

Just like in any other game, there are a lot of videos and articles written by experts beating the game. Eventually, you’ll need to invest in them. However, the internet is upfront about it. You can find the cheapest source for those articles and videos. You’re suggested to start with the cheapest course -launching your own online blackjack training website is one of the best ways to do so.