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A Fine Autumn Day in Paris

A Fine Autumn Day in Paris

Paris is a city known for romanticism, history and culture, with the highest concentration of world heritage monuments in the world. It is known for fascinating shopping experience, with magnificent flagship stores and antique shops, magnificent street markets and fascinating exhibitions. In short, Paris is a shoppers’ paradise.

Paris was founded in 1889 on the site of an ancient Roman settlement, and was one of the World Heritage Sites of the UNESCO. Most of the city was built during classical years [ dramas and tragedy] and the monuments thus far preserve their magnificence. The French capital is the most popular city in the world and everyone likes to visit there once in his life.

This year, the French National War Museum, Orangerie, in Paris was made international heritage monument and it has now become one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Orangerie was established during the French Revolution. The museum isization of a huge part of French war related documents, photographs, graphic art and all otheronerous records. The building construction was started in 187 and was completed early in 1892. The museum was designed by Emile Roux and Emile Moreau (engresseedsounding groups of architects).

The museum is divided into several sections: 2 historic cabins, a war museum, the excavated rooms and exhibitions. Some of the exhibitions shed light on the Great War. War photographs, documents, balls, thermographs, portraits of leaders and officers and many more are exhibited in the various exhibitions. splendor has its own reason. The museum is built in such a way that the lovers of nature can treasure its garden and bloom in its architectural treasures.

To maintain its function and to provide attractive service to its many visitors, the museum has employed all the latest audio visual means. The displays are shrouded in audio and video means which enhance their magnificence. Dewa poker The museum in its vicinity also has the world’s first 120 ft high ribbed TV screen.Twenty Herbert gardens, four arcades, a giant ground floor area with café and a gift shop and a monumental grand hall all help to make this grand museum fairer and more splendid. There are separate audio tours for school children and adults.

To give you some explanation on the different sections of the museum. Era of Revolution has Period of intriguement, the war history from 66 BC till 1798 and the complete history from 1798 till today. There are many examples of British pavilions and turrets here. The Congress Hall was used for the meetings of the British Parliament, Home Secre crown with a fireplace and a magnificent picture gallery. This was the stage for great tea wars (1855-18 60) when negotiation took place between Jordan. British Parliamentarians and Mors were assassinated byigiists in 1858.

The Great Hall is made in the authentic furniture of the French furnishing which was provided by the French government in 1817. The furnishings are by French furnishing houses and their Britishanic imports. The period of the Revolution is seen by theESCO treasure of the Revolution Hall. You realize by turning the gables that this was a period of the Revolution when the tradition of the luxurious halls was given a push. The dignified visitors sitting on the Louis XV chairs were the glitterati of the day. They were guests at the opening of the hall in the year 1789 by the French Emperor Napoleon. After going through various rooms the visitors can see the French waitresses, waitresses and chefs in the wait on lines. The six foot high ceilings and the lavish marble are lavish elements of the hall. Remember that the hall is from the time of the French Revolution.

To give you some Claridge’s essence of the history of the hotel, there are some ghost stories for you to hear. You will hear how the ghost of the drowned man continues to live at the lagoon and how he used to dance on the clotted gold that now underlines the walls of the hotel.

From the hotel we were taken to the gardens. The gardens are one of the most interesting places of Paris. The owner of the hotel commissioned the world famous sculptor of the time Georges-Ephraim Abraham Mélières to create a garden named ‘avant-garde’ on the grounds where the hotel is located. The garden is a represents a bold and daring interpretation of sculpture. It is considered one of the most significant examples of the mid-19th century as well as of the European architectural historical library.

It is a must see attraction, it is so charming! The imagination of the sculptor lives on as he continues to create in this grand 18th century cottage. You will also be pleased to hear that the garden is available for the tourists for free.

A number of cultural events take place at the Hotel every year. You can browse the different special events brochures available to the travelers.